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My System Specs


the monitor is composed of 3 parts, all normally enclosed within a monitorīs frame. These parts are the lcd panel, the chipset and the power suply. In this case the LCD panel has been mounted outside with part of the fram attached to it for looks, itīs cables (connections from the lcd panel to its power suply, to the chipset and the buttons to the chipset) are routed through holes next to the mountings or behind the lcd panel in to the computer case where the chipset and psu are mounted next to the usual pc components. The monitorīs chipset has a vga output (the one youīd normally connect your pc too if the screen was in itīs original casing) which is connected to the vga output of the graphics card (took the graphicīs card frontal plate off, removed the vga connection from it and put it back on), this way no need for external cables and itīs all done within the case.
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