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My System Specs


well, form my understanding 1066/1333 is the default clock the i7 use, 1600 is more meant for overclocking and the like, if you plan on overclocking, now or in the future, I would go with the faster speced memory, it will allow a higher threshold of speed, and make it less likely you will run into a ram speed limitation, and for $7 more, why not :)

Also just to throw it out there, G Skill makes some very good ram as well, as does kingston. I am using a set of G Skill Ripjaws X and they work exceptionally well, and have a massive range of speeds/timings they can work at, and are also 1.5v, G Skill also makes ECO memory which though it will not clock quite as high are only 1.35v which is easier to get a higher clock speed while keeping voltage in check.
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