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Final Pictures - Set 1

Hi everyone!

Right, as promised, here is a first set of the final pictures. I say first set because Iīm not happy with them, light conditions, the need to use flash and reflections on the case by nearby windows, the table (that was a dumb idea) and so on, make the project look different, they make it look shiny (which is not), they distort the colors, you can barely see the green glow, etc

The point is, because Iīm out of time right now I give you these just as a preview of some nicer final pictures which I will take at the modding event starting tuesday. Regardless, I hope you enjoy them : )

Thatīs it for now, Iīm going to get it ready (install the OS, drivers, and so on, and pack it so itīs ready for tuesday. Once thatīs out of the way I will start the final stage on Project: AIO AL and Project: Diabolo in the hopes of having them ready for tuesday as well.

This concludes the "Mod in a Week" challenge (for the second time, anyone remember my first one or has it been forgotten already? :P) and I hope you enjoyed reading and watching as much as I did doing it.

Thanks for reading!
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