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Originally Posted by boggtrotter59 View Post
I find Gigabyte boards are great if you enjoy troubleshooting and the RMA process... Personally I've had nothing but bad luck with them. After RMA'ing three boards within a few months I said I would never buy another one... The last straw was when I couldn't wait for my Asus board to come in from the egg... Drove down to CanadaComputers and picked up an Gigabyte board because that's all they had in stock, put the sucker together... *drum roll* booted fine... once... Troubleshoot for an hour... nothing... Take board back... get another one... put it together... say a quick prayer...*drum roll* no beeps, no fans spinning, no nothing... Board was completely dead Needless to say I was none too happy... It might just be me I don't know... I'll buy them used if they are cheap enough... That way at least there is a remote chance they might work properly...

lol i had 7 die in a matter of weeks in 1 year
i never counted the DOA ones lol
in all the years gigabut ony made 2 good boards the p45 and x58
even those have had alot of doas n rmas

they rush n are one of the first to hit the stores
personally i'm done with gigabyte

my z68 gene-z runnin circles around my old ud7 lol
i was lucky rma took 3 months
or i'd still have the ud7 lol

ever since Shamino left evga to work for asus the asus boards just rock
maximus IV extreme @ 5.1 1.41v

evga e760 +920 4.8 water5.0+ on phase linx stable
gtx285 tri-sli
dfi ut-p35 lt
e8600@4.6 1.38v
too much ram
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