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Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
The only real experience I have of OCing is with my 1100T and Sabertooth board and it is pretty much self explanatory.
But on my DFI LP dk p35 I am totally lost on how to OC my Q6600. the reason why IO want to OC this thing is becasue I am currently using it as a folding machine and am curious as to maxing out the OC to see what the ppd out difference will be.
I tried to seach for OCing instructions on this board but have found nothing.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

u suggest lots of reading lol
the dfi ut p35 thread over @ xtremesystems gonna be a big help
i got lots of posts of my settings there
dfi is not for beginners

you need the right gtl setting to get it right around 67%

if i stumble on my saved settings ...

you gonna need a fan on the pwm cause its gonna get hot
you should be able to do 3.3-3.6 on good cooling
maximus IV extreme @ 5.1 1.41v

evga e760 +920 4.8 water5.0+ on phase linx stable
gtx285 tri-sli
dfi ut-p35 lt
e8600@4.6 1.38v
too much ram
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