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My System Specs


Answer: 4x 580 will outperform 2x 590 and you have a much larger selection to chose quality, overclocking, custom heatsinks, etc.

edit: Answer 2: you can only see increased SLI performance with the same model/clock GPUs (i.e. 580 + 570 will NOT enable SLI for performance gains). Look at nvidia Maximus technology to see the potential of using Tesla/Quadro together... the problem is that you'll need software programs that can actually take advantage of this.

Note: When you ask is $1500 in GPUs or $2000 in GPUs better, people assume that means you haven't properly researched, you don't understand the tradeoffs of either system and are trying to keep you from making a noobish mistake that could be solved by:

-Providing your mobo (i.e. what are the PCIe slots like)
-Providing your case (does it have enough slots... 10 slot?)
-What resolution are you gaming at? (i.e. there is nothing that can't be maxed out @ 1080p on 2x 580)
-Do you have non gaming needs for your GPUs (i.e. you want to set a super high benchmark score, F@H, all which can use more GPU than gaming)
-What is the rest of your system (will be bottle necking it with poor other parts?)
-PSU... are you aware that not all high wattage PSUs can actually run 4x 580?

Sure, when you ask about dropping +$1500 in parts, we can assume the rest of your system is good, but if you have to ask this, it makes us think you don't research hardware all that much.
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