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Default New PSU and x6 1090T OC adventure

Well my new PSU arrived a couple of days ago....

XFX - PRO 750W (62A single 12v, 80+ Bronze)

Like Corsair's it is made by Sea Sonic but is a little cheaper then there TX-750W (which i also like and was my second choice)

This is the first top brand PSU i own, it cost more then twice that of the now 3 year old ColourIT 750W which to give it credit has served me well despite its combined 40A 12v rails. it was never designed to run a 1090T let alone Overclocked with a heavily Overclocked XFX-5770 alongside it, yet @ 3 years old it did, but only just.

My verdict on the XFX-PRO is that its very good, its well made, the Voltages are tight and solid, infact they don't move at all where as they did on my old one, and it looks like it should be on caterpillar tracks and have a mounted turret.

But its not all good, the ADDA Ball Bering fan in it is significantly louder then the one in my old one, (which really was silent) i'm already finding that mechanical rolling noise a little annoying.

Also (and this is no fault of the PSU) its a difficult thing to squeeze into a midATX case, the cables are braided, very thick, very long (to long) and there are lot of them (to many)

All that's good but i will now need a bigger case with cable management as short of using your foot cramming it all in is not easy.

Others i was looking at, I'm far from a PSU expert so please just take this as my personal opinion.

Thermal Take, similar price 775W and modular. I seriously thought about it as it constantly gets good reviews, but apparently the XFX is that little bit more stable.

OCZ, i have one of there CPU coolers, the PSU's looked cheaply made and according to hardware reviews "there is nothing wrong with them", but there not great either. And LED fans just don't do it for me.

Antec, good (not brilliant) and overpriced.

Be-Quiet, a lot of money for very average PSU's, was the first one to be crossed out.

Now for my overclocking adventures, i did not try very hard or for long at all from fear of damaging something.


MOBO: Asus M5A97-PRO
CPU: AMD Phenom x6 1090T
RAM: Corsair Vengance 1600Mhz @ 1600Mhz / 1.65v
CPU COOLER: OCZ Vanquisher

The best i could do in that short time was a wPrime v1.55 benchmark of 7.268 sec, i achieved it by setting the CPU voltage to 1.35v and the CPU multiplier from 16x to 19x giving me 3.8Ghz

The wPrime CPU benchmark at stock is much better with the new PSU, its dropped by almost a second, its now 8.596 sec, i think 7.268 sec is a good OC'd time to get but i could not better it, i tried a few times to benchmark with the multiplier set to x20 and the time actually went up a little every time, setting it even higher gave me errors and sometimes BSOD. that's where i stopped and gave up.

Have i reached its limits @ 7.268 sec? or do you think there is more in it with my setup?
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