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My System Specs


Enough to reach my cap in 11 hours.

I called them yesterday to complain about my 120gb cap and how it's absolutely unreasonably low and even on months I fight to stay under I'm still 13gb over the cap. So they bumped me up to the highest speed at a 150gb a month cap, I still complained but it's the best they're allow to give me.

Rogers 150gb cap $1.50 per gig over the cap. Super fast, super reliable, super traffic shaping, super usage punishment.

I really want to move to tech savvy for their 300gb a month cap with $0.25 per gig over the cap.

I want a connection where I pay for speed and I expect to be able to use my connect at the rated speed 24/7 all month with 99.9% uptime. Not a connection with some fictitious limit and a stipulation that I only get to use it for 11 hours a month.
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