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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
To do this, they REALLY really REALLY need to put more effort into their drivers and give game developers more support. Personally I've found nVidia to have on average the better driver support and well seem to be giving more game developers support then AMD. To me this effects my decision in who I bought a graphics card from because I'd rather then card that performs 2nd but has phenominal drivers, then one that performs the best but has spotty drivers.
Exactly. ATI and Nvidia has similar performing GPUs at similar price points (usually ATI has the price edge), but nvidia drivers are consistently more reliable, faster updating, and support more new games. It's easy to choose when you want a card that's just gonna work.

I'd say that's the reason that nvidia has the edge on high end consumer graphics. They just have better drivers hands down.

As for AMD CPU's... it's no surprise. They've been behind since 2006, and when intel released the i7, they were like what, 3 years behind?...
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