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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
This is indeed a sad day. If what he is saying is true...there will NEVER be another AMD enthusiast king CPU. They are giving up on even trying to compete against Intel. Looks like Intel has all but killed off the last of their competitors in the x86 marketplace. :(

If Im reading it right, they are going to try and compete in an already crowded marketplace (ie in the ARM, SoC world). Too bad in that marketplace, performance per watt is KING and unless they go back to designing the transistors from the ground up they will never be able to compete. Hell Nvidia will kick their arse with their gpu/arm combos (as they have atleast 2 gen lead time on them right now). Looks like AMD as we all know it is toast. Of course this could all be FUD and what he meant and what we heard are two different things all together....or they will reinvent themselves like Texas Instruments and other x86 makers did when Intel (nearly) killed them off. Still would NOT want to own AMD stock right now.
Well I think your right in the most part, no amd's probly not going to be designing any "enthusiest" chips anymore. BUT I do think BD's with a revision left how they are would offer good value to comsumers still ... Plus with a more parralell'ed operations in Windows & upcoming software the initial "bad" preformance I think WILL change.

IF they can keep with the gpu side of things, keep bd's goin & do the other thing ... they can keep bein around & preventing the monopy's from occuring.
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