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Originally Posted by zlojack View Post
This monitor seems interesting, but I'm wondering about gaming on it. The response time seems high compared to most "gaming" monitors, though I know that can be a misleading number. I run a GTX 480 right now. Would that be alright to drive this many pixels?
I had a chance to use one for a few days and it was great for gaming. I've never been really able to notice ghosting or anything unless the monitor was really bad. For the last several years my Dell 2407WFP has been my gaming monitor. The Samsung looked great, the resolution was nice and the gaming experience was no worse than my Dell when it came to ghosting, the added resolution was nice and worked my setup nicely. BF3 was smooth as silk but for some reason it pushes my system like no other game. My video cards tend to run 3-6C warmer and CPU is 7-10C warmer with BF3 than with other games like Metro 2033, Crysis, Crysis 2, etc.

Anyway I'd be able to recommend this monitor to anyone for a good gaming experience. I decided to go with a U3011 instead as I didn't find the upgrade to a 27" 16:9 to be enough of a wow factor going from a 24" 16:10. Compared to the 22" and 23" monitors I have it was a pretty nice difference, but for me the extra $250 to move to a U3011 seemed worth it.
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