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First of all I don't know/think 9 monitor gaming is supported in any game. Hell a lot of games seem to have problems running properly in 3 monitors even. There are a lot of games that say they support eyefinity/surround, but still have menu or HUD issues.

The thing you have to know about eyefinity/surround is that it looks great when it works, however it can be very frustrating when it half or only partially works. There are probably only a handful games out there that actually properly support 3 monitor gaming without any hiccups or ini edits. After that you can deal with games that may support the resolution, but have say their menus, their HUDs, etc that are skewed making the game either unplayable or makes it a lot more difficult to play. Imagine playing a game where you need to monitor your health quite a bit (DA2 on hard/insane), now move all the important information such as your health off into the far left corner of your left monitor. You would have to glance away from the combat quite a bit to make sure you or no one else is going to die. Finally there are the games that have little to no support, leaving you to game hopefully on your centre monitor, but there have been some that'll load in whatever damn monitor they want. Another example was playing BF3 without any HUD info whatesoever, I could not tell who was and wasn't on my team. This lead to an hour of frustration, lots of team kills and lots of deaths because I stopped for a second to figure out if they were on my team or not. I don't even think they've worked out all the bugs for eyefinity/surround in BF3 yet still, and quite a few FPS games have little to no support in this.

You can do bezel compensation with eyefinity which may allow you to move the crosshairs so that you can see them, though unless you plan on using it for flight sims or racing games, you will be greatly disappointed by the lack of FPS games that even properly support 3 monitors, let alone 6.
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