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Originally Posted by zlojack View Post
This monitor seems interesting, but I'm wondering about gaming on it. The response time seems high compared to most "gaming" monitors, though I know that can be a misleading number. I run a GTX 480 right now. Would that be alright to drive this many pixels?
I found my 580 struggling to power this monitor in all games. It is a boat load of pixels. Honestly, when I go for a 27" gaming setup I plan on either SLI'ing 580s or waiting for the 690s to land and SLI'ing two of them. From a ghosting POV there is some, but it is very, very minor and easily the best professional grade monitor I have seen in this regards. You are correct when you say that numbers can be misleading as I have a 23" 2ms TN panel here that shows more ghosting than the sammy did!

Hope that helps.
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