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Default Thinking about 27" or Triple Display - advice please!

I've been through many incarnations of my rig since I started this whole crazy thing about five years ago. The one piece I've never changed is my monitor, which is a Samsung Syncmaster 24B. It has served me very well and it is still in great shape, but my curiosity is piqued by the 27" monitors. I see that the new Samsung 2560x1440 got a glowing review, while there have been many good things said about the Dell. I'll say this now: I will never buy another Dell product in my life, so that's off the list.

Is the new display worth the $800-odd it would cost me? Should I wait a bit?

Another option is to look for three smaller matching displays and go for Eyefinity or nVidia Surround. I am mainly a gamer, though I occasionally watch movies. I am running a GTX 480 at the moment, though that will be upgraded when the next generation of cards hit (the 7000 series ATI or the 600 series nVidia). Just for some further info, my game of choice for the next while will likely be SWTOR.
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