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Just picked up my first gigabyte board ever. Ive been a big MSI guy for the most part with the odd asus, asrock and cheap-o ECS here and there. Main reason I bought this is because I dont really like the new UEFI BIOS or whatever its called. The board is a z68xp-ud3.

So this board has just been a PITA so far. I still havent gotten the HDMI working, threw in an 8800GT, no post, take out battery, posts. get into windows install mobo drivers post again. battery out again, go into BIOS change a few settings around now its fine....aside from the onboard video (only reason I went Z68 over P67) not working. If I cant get the onboard working Im just going to buy a $20 PCI-E video card, not worth my time or money shipping it back.

Not a great experience though thus far. I also dont like how they have about 20 different z68 motherboards with very minor differences between them, Im all for having 2-3 low, 2-3mid and 2-3 high end and 1-2 flagship boards for a total of say 10 boards per chipset. But Gigabyte with 20 (just counted) is really on the silly side.

Sorry this just turned into a gigabyte rant, if I sort out the onboard video and it overclocks well all will be forgiven.
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