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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Amaroq Dricaldari View Post
Sometimes you need maximum performance. I have seen plenty of Gaming Rigs where the users go out of there way in the name of high performance and great graphics, and that includes loading them full of the highest-end hardware they can buy.

I just joined these forums and I am not sure how you people would respond to this.

So I am assuming that you think I should use an Intel Celeron Processor and Integrated Graphics? I don't want to be jerk, but have very little tolerance for things like this.

I sincerely apologize for getting mad at you about that, but I'll it again that I have minimal (ie, insufficient) tolerance for those kinds of comments.

Well this is the internet and it does honestly help to have a bit thicker skin than that. Otherwise nothing will ever get accomplished.
As well you should know that you would get reactions like this regardless because its not everyday somene comes in looking at opinions on a Quad SLI solution. I interpeted his post as a 'Holy Crap'.

Now that that is aside, I think you would get less dimishing returns and have better managment getting 2 590's together.
You can then have a better selection of cases to choose from, and it minimizes the amount of adaptors you need to make 4 Single GPU's work. Most high end 1K PSU's will drive a pair of 590's and not need adaptors to make it happen.
Again if you have a tech bench though than this is a non issue. But in keeping simple and keeping managment of components to a minumum 590 is best IMO.

But then again, what do I know. I still think you should run 1024X768 on your Celly with its IGP.


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