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Originally Posted by Paulman View Post
Other than that, I like the article. I'm shocked by the less than impressive viewing angles, though. Even for an e-IPS, I'd still expect good results!
Just before I came across the Hardware Canucks review, I'd seen viewing angle pictures in the TFT Central, FlatpanelsHD and reviews - they looked fine and the accompanying review text was positive. So it had me wondering.

After my own U2412M arrived and I got to see its viewing angle characteristics myself, I realised what the Hardware Canucks picture is showing - if you go off-centre horizontally and vertically (the HC horizontal pic is taken from above a little), you get a more significant contrast shift/darkening than at a horizontal angle alone. The other reviews depict the screen off-centre horizontally or vertically, but not both at the same time.

Seems to be a dirty little secret of the e-IPS panel type. I reconnected my e-IPS 2209WA the U2412M was replacing, and it had the same characteristic (either I hadn't previously noticed the issue, or I'd forgotten about it). Not that it's anywhere near as bad as TN when, say, looking up at the monitor while sitting on the floor. And viewing the monitor in person, the change in image at the sort of angle shown in the HC review pic does not appear as extreme as conveyed in the photo.
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