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My System Specs


I think your rig looks good as is wcraycroft.

MMORPG's generally don't require a lot of processing power. I went and checked and your rig looks plenty strong for it. Star Wars: The Old Republic | FAQ

Now these are generally the minimum requirements but you are still way over that.

I haven't played the game though so perhaps if you load up the eye candy there might be some issues.
I'd give it a try and see how your rig runs and if it isn't up to your liking then consider upgrade.

I don't know how much even load times will improve with an SSD as an MMO is going to have some internet speed considerations which might not let you take advantage of the SSD speed boost - could be wrong there as well.

A new/bigger/better monitor is always nice for the enjoyment aspect. (you didn't say what screen you use)
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