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Default IGP and monitor seize

I got a question concerning what seize/resolution can be pushed by and Intel IGP from the G41-G43 MB. Here is the situation, at the office I have a basic machine, it's running a E8400 and 4 gig of ram and the video card is the intel IGP. I am currently running a 22" at 1900x 1080. I am wondering if I'd be able to run a 27" with a 1920 x 1080. I know those are not the best monitor but what I need for the task I am doing is space not resolution. Obviously, no games or movies are going to be played on this monitor. am I going the wrong way here ? will the image on a monitor that seize with that resolution look super crappy ?

Thanks for your input ?

I might need a low end discreet GPU for this but I am not sure the IT administrator would appreciate... furthermore the PSU is not really powerful since all this comes in a small form factor (HP) I don't have the numbers but I am sure it can be no more than 200-250 watts.

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