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My System Specs


Rule of thumb.
Every company out there, we will have to RMA with.
I purchased close to 15 of the M4A785TD-V Evo boards from ASUS. Sure enough I've RMA'd 3 of those boards (one of them Twice) with ASUS. I never got a report at all on what they did. However I got working boards back so I don't mind at all.

It happens. I had to pay for the ride there everytime but its the nature of home made builds.
If we cannot learn to accept and budget for these costs...well...what can I say.

As for Poor Customer support? It happens with all companies. I've had both good and bad CS encounters with ASUS and GB and EVGA. It all depends. Worst case scenerio you just keep trying.

You want a reason to complain? Deal with Diamond and Sapphire. That will make you LOVE getting ANY type of support (Though Sapphire is apparently getting better).

Lastly enough of the Fanboi talk (i.e. calling someone a fanboi). If you can't formulate a sentence to another user without using that word then just don't do it at all.


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