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Question Two 590s or Four 580s?

I plan on loading my upcoming gaming rig with Nvidia cards, so I would like to ask a question.

Which one has higher performance? Two GTX 590s or Four GTX 580s?

I would go for two GTX 590s since that would be cheaper, smaller, and more energy effecient (and possibly quieter) than the other option, but the GTX 590s don't have all of their CUDA Cores activated, wouldn't have as much V-RAM, and are downclocked. I am also unsure about the SLI scaling. Some people think that the GTX 590s have slighter better scaling when it comes to that.

And before you mention it, I have heard of the Mars II, but it is VERY big, VERY expensive, requires alot of power, and they are quite rare. I bet ASUS doesn't even sell them anymore. They did only make 999, afterall.

I have another question:

Would it be possible to use two 580s, a Quadro 6000, and a Tesla C2075 in SLI in the same system? Someone should experiment with that.

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