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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bel07 View Post
Hi guys!
I have one quick questions. I have bought new PC and with my i5 2500k I asked for 8GB Kingston DDR3 1600 HyperX Genesis Grey (link below)
But instead of them - which I didnít notice BTW - this guy sold me similar ones but slightly different and more expensive:

Is there any real difference between them? I have heard the ones with "x" at the end are especially designed for sandy bridge and Intel processor so seems like it would be better to have them.
I am going to that shop anyway soon so I will able to exchange them within 7 days from purchase.
The question is there any real difference between them two? Should I bother going back to exchange them??

Thanks for answer and your time
from what I read of the two links you posted, no there isnt much of a difference perhaps that the grey version is intel XMP certified?? but the reference to the sandy bridge difference, (someone correct me if i am wrong) is that the low voltage 1.5v memory, is prefered to normal memory when running a sandy bridge cpu...
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