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well first off the system im running is whats listed in my spec minus the 500gig hdd and is now windows 7 x64.not the best but always worked great for me.i was running bf3,black ops,crysis 2 etc perfect.Then my system crashed,it would stay on for a few mins then shut off.(i had a post here about earlier)Anyway it came down to what i thought was a capacitor on my mobo so i sent it off rma. So while i waited i just stuck my psu and vid card in my other system and continued on lower settings:( but worked fine for the few weeks i had to wait. So i know my psu and vid card are good. Well i got back my mobo and put it in my system did a reformat.Everything seemed fine. But when i installed bf3 and black ops i can't play either of em,its super sketch city. So i ran memtest on my ram did 4 passes on each to be sure and they were all fine,and then ran prime all night and everything was fine no errors,i know my psu and vid card are good cause they work fine when i put em on my other pc. I have tried bf3,black ops,cod4,l4d2,tf2,nfs the run all games i ran perfectly before and now can't run any. Is there anything else i should be checking,im lost i needs me my bf3 fix
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