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Alright i have a Samsung 32" 720p as ma computer screen and ill be brutally honest with you its brilliant picture quality specially watchin BattleStar Galactica in HD if theres any BG FANS OUT there WOOT WOOT!!! alright noow with that in mind you gotta keep something into perspective as i never knew this before if your a gamer yud probbaly want the 1080p as that resolution is more supported in games then the 1366 by 768 so if i had a choice i would definetely get the 1080p but at the same time Samsung did not offer anything in the 30-32" ratio with that resolution and theres no freakin way im sittin a feet away from a 40" screen lol im sittin a feet away from the Samsung! The Aquos which Captain has mentioned is a great tv look at reviews and stuff.

Dont get me wrong nothing wrong with 720p if yea play occasional games but more and more games are startin to support the 720p resolution except for freakin Command and Conquer Kane wrath puttin the resolution down to 1024 by 768. I cant remember if Crysis support the 720 p resolution i think it does anyways look at how far your looking from it My Samsung costed 1000 with tax and 4 year warranty i went to futureshop and bargained the crap outta of them i got the tv for $649 and used the savings towards warranty.
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