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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
I can actually see a use for this if they roll it out on a large enough scale..

You all thinking " how hard can it be to read the signs / maps etc that most large complexes have in "your location here""

But I for one can vouch that some places are like mazes and don't always have sign-age / maps to help you out...
even if they do, What if they aren't in English, or even the English alphabet..

This could be very useful to certain people.

HOWEVER, I agree on the no gps signal. That said once you can find a window you should be fine or you can work out where you are on the map by room numbers or matching other identifying features.

Is it going to be really really used or helpful in most peoples every-day.. no.. will it be situationally helpful.. hell yea
(I've been lost in a few foreign undergrounds/large complexes with no signs or not in English.)
It's not going to be running off of standard GPS, the plan for this actually is to use wifi and triangulate that way.
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