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Originally Posted by Your_friendly_gamer View Post
LOL do you work for gigabyte? Have you ever called their customer support? One you pay out of your pocket to get help, and 2nd you are getting really really shitty support. No one ever has a clear answer.

I think you maybe missing the point and or a gigabyte fanboy, which is fine.

When I asked them which version they used to fix the issue, they said the latest, the latest is from last year? And when I tried to get more answers, there werent any.

So I will get the same board back maybe with some out of this world bios or some special bios Captain Chris talked about and it would be fixed.

As far as customer support and getting feedback and or getting notifications, they really do suck, I am terribly sorry to upset you.

First of all, get down of your cloud. Acting like that on this forum will bring you trouble.
Second, No I am not GA fanboy, but I used to use their support and RMA service a lot since it have been my job for a little while and their succesfull RMA rate is way over other brand.
You also have to understand ( and it's the same for every place ) that the support rep that answer the phone only have acces to the note that the tech leave in your RMA folder. If the guy down there only leave few info about what he does, the rep wont be able to tell much.
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