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My System Specs


Originally Posted by keto View Post
You RMA'd both the board AND the cpu? You don't even know what the problem is, how can you whine about the manufacturer?

I've been building my and my families computers for 14 years now, and have yet to have an RMA or a failed part...that you have had to RMA mulitple parts from multiple vendors says....something.

Giga makes very solid mobo's, I've used a bunch...I'd say their reputation is 2nd in the industry, probably behind ASUS...which, I recognize, doesn't necessarily make their customer service great.
I think you are missing the point. I am not complaining about the product as much as the process and lack of intelligence in itheir customer support department. Trust me I have always had giga boards as they are solid and run cooler than other boards.

Anyways, you have a right to your opinion so do I. I won;t buy gigabyte again. Period.

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