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My System Specs


I'll never (never say never but I avoid) Gigabyte as I had 3 mobo's from them in a row with some problem or other. (1 was a dead ram slot one was a dodgy ide controller 1 was a dodgy sound card I think.)

The customer service was not great and I ended up selling one board, giving 1 away and binning the last.
RMA'd 1 twice and they found no fault.. tested with ram known to be working and memtested in 3 other mobos and no errors, test in that board (even identified the slot giving the error for them) and they said no fault found.

This was EU but still sucks..

As for your problem, at least they saw it and have done something. It seems to me that they lack communication between their customer liason / rep whatever and their engineers.

But as far as I can see you can't complain.. They have (hopefully) fixed your problem and are sending the item back.

As for the phone number... Since when is it a requirement to have toll free numbers?
Most places use online comms for support these days as it's better for budget and easier to log.

Infact there a a few places that you may be lucky to even find a phone number for.

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