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Originally Posted by Soullessone21 View Post
Hit me up our applestore sells used macs here and there (please dont flag me I will give amazing pricing)
and yes Cheap and mac Belong in the same sentence I see 25 dead apple systems to every one Asus laptop and we sell 10 more Asus laptops to every Apple.

But I personally say hit myself or any of your local resellers up we all sell low cost used macs and even include warranty, dont get scammed by Ebay on used macs we get lots of heart broken customers who bought macbooks that dont work off eBay and then eBay tells them there is nothing they can do.

(if you don't want me to post that I can Help people save money please just delete my msg HardwareCanucks don't ding me points I'm not trying to make money just save people money I'm not commissioned and just dont like people getting ripped off(apple does that enough to people))
Is CR Campbell River?
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