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Arrow 750watt vs 850watt for GTX 560 ti SLI

i bought a dell xps 630i three years ago, and i have upgraded it a lot since but im still using their stock PSU.(750 Watt MAX model DT50E).

so im not really sure if their psu can handle the new parts.

here is what im using now:

GTX 560 ti (SLI in the future)
i5 2500k 3.3ghz stock cooler (going to get the H80 soon, and Over clocking)
Asrock p67 extreme 4
Gskill ripjaw (2 x 4GB) 1333mhz
ST3500418AS ATA 500gig HHD 7200

ive been looking at the Corsair AX 750w or 850w. right now everything seems to be ok. just dont want it to die and take anything else with it. which do you think would be the best?

Also side question. does anyone know what lighting guides were used in the vesta g1? i have 2 logisys cold cathodes,but they are too bright and the ones in the vesta g1 look a lot better.
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