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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JMCD View Post
Well AMD is certainly easier/cheaper for 6 screens. If you you need 6 screens it only needs 1 AMD card and that wouldn't set you back much (100-200? not sure atm) for a cheaper one, but you would need display port adapters. It gets really expensive when you want to do surround and 3d on the same machine to support that many screens. I honestly think you might be better with a second PC.
... ... ... did you miss the part where he wants to play games? A single AMD card, other than the 6990 (which is a dual card), cannot push most games across 3+ monitors with good quality settings. Also, from what I've heard, it usually costs $100-200 in adapters to run 6 screens off 1 cards as active adapters (whatever they are) are super expensive.

Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
What graphics cards do you have, you'd need something rather high powered such as 2 580s (1.5 or 3GB models) or 2 570s the 2.5GB model
Well, if you did ever run 3D surround (surround in 3D), 2x 580 would require some pretty mediocre settings. You'd really want a Tri-setup or higher. If you aren't running any of your 3D games in surround, then you can get away with dual 580s.

Just remember that 3D surround usually requires a $3000+ computer (DYI prices, try about $4500+ for custom boutique). You'll need a CPU that's around 4Ghz as well as $1000+ worth of GPUs and fast DDR3. Also, after the 2nd 580, you'll want to have at least 1KW PSU (probably more due to the o/c CPU). As for the stands, it's nice to buy the single stand for 3 monitors if you can afford it, but it doesn't let you hide 1/2 your bezel behind your center monitor.
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