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Originally Posted by SnoSalmon View Post
Bit odd. You have the latest NV drivers I presume? Even on my i7-920 things ran fine with dual 6970's.
I do find with newer games VRAM comes into play when spanning on 3 screens. There was a huge increase in performance (especially in Metro 2033) when I upgraded from 1GB cards to 2GB cards.
I'm not sure what the problem was, but I found a way to fix it... just change the screen resolution and change it back.

Anyone have a report on Skyrim in nvidia surround?

Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
I'm giving up eyefinity/surround so unless one of you guys whom still try to play on three screens take over, the OP thread won't be renewed (until more games support it and i switch back to it in a year or two)
(sorry for double posts, but was on two diff. pages)

I don't really care all that much that some games don't support surround. It just means that I can max them out easier. Personally, I can't imagine ever going back to a single monitor as I love the productivity and entertainment value of extra monitors! If a game doesn't work that well with surround, I cry a little bit and then run it on a single monitor. I will say that surround breaks the bank as my SLI 570s have trouble in my most demanding titles (i.e. BF 3) and make me wish I had a case the could accommodate a 3rd 570.

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