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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
I would go for an SSD, ram, and swap the fans in your case to meet your cooling/noise requirements. As for the video card, if you want it to be substantially cheaper and run 3 monitors then you have to go for a single faster AMD (ATI) based card, or SLI cheaper Nvidia cards (which in your case also means a motherboard upgrade). Personally I wouldn't swap the MOB just to go to SLI (though I know many people would). If you went to SLI 570 or better you would also need a new PSU IMO. For those extra cost reasons and your want/need for 3 monitors, I say just grab a 6950/6970 to drive the 3 monitors and call it a day (it will be a huge upgrade over what you have now).
I understand but I'm just not sure if NVidia will actually provide me with a better solution for editing and encoding because that comes before my gaming needs. I'm willing to part with my rig if the benefit I'll be getting will be much better.
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