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My System Specs


So I dumped a considerable amount of cash on my PC when I built it last winter and now I'm looking to update it to the best machine I can with in my budget. I'm looking to make an editing machine and gaming on the weekend tank.

My current specs are as follows:
  • CM 690 II Advanced
  • i7 2600k
  • Asus P8P67
  • Corsair Vengeance 1600 2X4GB
  • Corsair HX650W
  • Gigabyte 5770 GV-R577UD-1GD
  • Antec Kuhler H20 620
  • Hitachi 2TB 0F12117 (5400rpm)
  • 2X Western Digital 320GB WD3200AAKS (7200rpm boot drives)
  • Tons of Coolermaster Fans

So here is what I have thought of doing so far and you guys can tell me if it is a good way to go or not:
  • Grab 8GB more RAM, it's cheap and could help out
  • Switch to NVidia because I understand it is better for encoding.
  • Upgrade to either a GTX590 or dual GTX570's. I will be powering three 1920X1080 monitors, so I know the GTX570s would do that and be better for gaming, but they would also be pricey. Is there an option that will benefit both and be cheaper, substantially cheaper?
  • A new case that looks less nerdy, is easier to clean, has better wire management and better airflow. I'm leaning on the Corsair 500R maybe a 650D with a solid side, but I don't really like the brushed metal look to be honest. I love the idea of the pop out mesh screens, but am open to case suggestions.
  • A 7200rpm 1TB for games instead of my 5400rpm which I mainly use as my storage drive for footage and such.
  • Better/quieter fans.
  • Possibly a new power supply if I need it for the GPUs.
  • Maybe a sound card.
  • I think my current board doesn't support SLI, so if I go the SLI GTX570 route I would need a new board?

Should I be upgrading anything else? I'm not super concerned with getting SSD's at this point unless I was to start from scratch maybe.

So after all of my upgrade concerns are addressed, is it worth trying to sell certain parts to upgrade the rest or should I could just pop a spare HDD into my system and sell it as a whole and use the funds for a new system? Because I want a very tank system and I could get more money from selling it as a whole could I not? If so how much could I get for my current system?

You guys rock

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