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Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
its the cheap hardware and poor java script that don't work on mobile
The Opera browser on the Wii supports Flash. It does it quite well considering the Wii is arguably less powerful than most phones out there today (in terms of raw CPU power, not GPU), and being built on a PowerPC architecture no less.

Also, insult Apple more.

Originally Posted by blaze_125 View Post
Yet, it was almost an industry standard at one point.
Just like Flash will die, HTML5 will die, and whatever is going to replace HTML5 will die, and so on.
Same applies to Facebook type websites.
Isn't it called evolution?
Edit: Know what? I wrote too much there. Here's a simpler thing: Would you rather Flash die off sooner so we can evolve HTML5 to be a true successor, or would you rather Flash become the IE6 of web design? "It works, why would we get rid of it".

Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
Meh. A few bored Apple fanatics who are looking to start their own 'occupy' movement, or have decided the real 'occupy' movement involved too many cold nights outside in the winter.

Frankly, I am sick of all these 'occupy' ripoffs. I should start an 'occupy occupy' movement. The occupy movement in protest of all occupy movements. If there is one already, then I'll just make an 'occupy occupy occupy' movement.
First off, stop blaming Apple fanboys. I hate Flash (IN WEB DESIGN) as much as the next guy, and I do not own a single Apple product aside from my 1st gen iPod Touch. Sure, I hate them too, but they're not the scapegoat in this.

Second off, yes the whole "Occupy" ripoffs are getting annoying. But they would never have gotten attention otherwise. And their argument still has merit. It may be a little over the top, but it has the right idea.

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