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Originally Posted by Jebusman View Post
There are rumblings from the fans in their forums about having Alpha Strike either nerfed considerably or removed completely.

I understand how "gunboating" isn't exactly the most fun or balanced thing to do (or have done against you), but removing it completely would be silly.

For those who don't know what this is, it's essentially taking a mech, throwing on as many weapons as possible, grouping them all together, and firing them all simultaneously. Now hide behind a rock, and when a mech comes near, pop out and do it, then hide again while you overheat/wait for everything to cool down. It's definitely amusing, but fights end up turning into stalemates where the first person to come out from behind the rocks loses.
There has to be some degree of limitation or consequence to doing it. I used to boat a DAishi with Machine guns, and it could tear a mech apart without overheating ever.
OR even load auto cannons.

I think they will limit it, but not remove it.


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