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Default Requesting Assistance! :D

Hey guys, sorry I'm sure this is probably in the wrong section, possibly this site might not even have a section for this and if that's the case please move/delete it, sorry.

I was wondering what's the best possible gaming desktop you guys can build for 600$ Max. I know that isn't very much but I have a 2 year old laptop that just isn't cutting it anymore.

Couple notes:

- It doesn't have to look good/sound good whatever, it just has to perform the best it can for 600$.

- I don't need a keyboard, mouse or any other kind of accessory.

- I am Canadian and I live in the northwest territories and shipping from newegg and some other companies is to much, so I prefer if you build at NCIX or any other site that ships for cheap/free.

Thanks for reading guys, and to anyone who takes the time to build one for me I really appreciate it!

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