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Default built new PC, won't power on.. details inside!

hello all, i went back to to start the troubleshooting process, and there is a link to this site. i'm hoping i can post and have someone with a similar experience help out. this is a fairly lengthy post but i'm trying to be thorough and give as much info as possible to those able or willing to respond.

just put new PC together last night following standard directions in the manuals for case and mobo/processor/etc... and when i finally hit the power button absolutely nothing happens. dead :(

Antec Sonata Plus 550W PSU (pre-installed, modular)
BFG OC512MB GF 8800GT vid
2 x 2GB Corsair XMS2 PC6400 DDR2 800 ram
pioneer DVD re-writer (sata)
Samsung HDD (sata)
Intel Quad Q6600 with HSF

there is a green LED called SB_PWR (standby power) that lights up on the mobo when the power switch is turned on on the back of the PSU. can i elimiate the PSU? this, by the way, is the ONLY indication of any type of power going into the PC

reseated the CPU
reseated the HSF
reseated vid card
confirmed all power connections (24 pin plus the 2x4 power to mobo) and signal (SATA) connections
reseated the front panel connectors
did the clear ram thing (battery + jumper)

i have read that some recommend connecting out of the case... since i'm now at work, can't try that yet
i didn't find a wire in the case for the system speaker, so that is not connected to the 4-pin connector were the rest of the front panel pins are
i didn't try using onle one DIMM yet.

other questions:
my case came with a large case fan pre-installed. coming from that there is only a power connection and a wire that terminates at a switch for L/M/H fan speed. i was asked if i had the fan connected to the CH FAN1 but there's nothing to connect. it was suggested that not having that connected might prevent powering up.

does anyone know how's support is in such circumastances?

shorting... i have NO idea how to determine if somehting is shorting. should i just be checking that there are no more standoffs than needed? (i don't think there were). should i try removing the I/O panel?

also, does it matter which screws are used to mount the mobo?

thanks all for your attention. any help is very much appreciated!
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