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My System Specs


I think you guys have to think of it in a different perspective.

NVIDIA can take their time on this one because of GF110's strength in the current lineup. AMD's high end Tahiti cores have to come up with at least a 20% performance increase over Cayman just to draw even with the GTX 580, let alone overclocked versions thereof. That is no small feat.
Thats my thoughts exactly......although some say the current line of GTX 580 is "long in the tooth"...( I guess it is in the GPU World), it still kicks some serious butt and judging by availability (of pretty much all the Enthusiast level 580's), I would say that nv is having no problems at all ensuring the Retailers can sell the product, the Retailers seem to still have trouble keeping lots of Stock available....personally, until I upgrade to an X79 platform, I could care less whether Kepler is released this May / June 12 or Dec 12....with a couple of 580's and a single 2560 x 1440, I haven't come across a game yet that doesnt run "like butter" with everything cranked.....and until I have to start looking at lowering gameplay settings, I'm not sweating it ;)

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