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Their idea is sound though. If people stopped depending on Flash, there would be no need for it and it would die off quicker. It's just the same problem as the actual Occupy (insert town here) movements, they are not actually thinking of the long term issues, and believe that change can happen instantly.

I just wish they would stop trying to push HTML5 as the be all end all of the internet. I mean, yes it's an improvement, but come on.

And honestly Steve Jobs had a genuinely good reason to not support Flash. It wasn't some circlejerk "HTML5 IS GODLIKE" reason. It was "Jesus **** Flash for Mobile sucks so god damn much. Why the **** does my phone crash every 5 ******* minutes browsing the web Jesus H ******* christ on a pogo stick I'm tired of this shit." (super actual quote).

He wasn't trying to parade HTML5 as the future. He just didn't want something that caused his god damn product to fail every 10 ******* minutes.
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