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Originally Posted by Cardboard box with DSL View Post
If your looking for well priced and spec'ed laptops, check out the Acer 6920G/8920G lineup. With acer I find that you get what you pay for, cheep is cheep and good is good, especially for the price (Compaired to other notebooks in their spec range).

Currently I have one of these on order from Staples (with an additional $60 off in coupons, I couldn't let the deal slide), it should arrive in the next day or two and when it does I'll post an initial review (quick benches) and a follow up larger one after a week or so with the notebook.
Be prepared to be underwhelmed by the performance ... at least until you uninstall everything Acer has pre-installed on there :p

The laptop looks very, very sweet, though, I must admit ...
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