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My System Specs


^^^^ I wouldn't even take that article with a "grain of salt"...looks like a "made up pile of poo poo" to me ;) ....did you notice how they have all the GTX5xx Series Cards under 2011....!!..that should be your first clue as GTX 580 when I purchased them was in or around Nov 2010.....

And yes, nv will always launch their Enthusiast Card first as the Premier, with a slightly "downscaled" model (cheaper)....then Mainstream trickle down.
Most of us with 580's are looking at May / June (speculation of course) for GTX 6xx PCI-E 3.0 (Kepler) far specs go who knows, I would expect to see more Mainstream 2-3GB and perhaps 4GB for Enthusiasts...Core Speeds, Shaders general architecture...again who knows until we get an "official" word, until then I guess these "old" 580's will have to do ;)

To be quite honest I wouldn't doubt that nv is most certainly NOT going to let ATI launch wind up pushing them (nv) to launch too they/we really want a repeat of the GTX480?!

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