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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jedirock View Post
Sorry to resurrect a slightly older thread, but I figure this is relevant to the thread. I'm looking to purchase 3 Dell U2412M's for use in an Eyefinity setup. I had originally contacted Chere as he said he can get them for people around $300, but I'm having a hard time contacting him reliably and punctually, and Dell's lowered their prices for the U2412M's for Black Friday to $300 (plus taxes and environmental fees, which is already included in Chere's price). Should I still bother trying to get them through him, or just bite the extra cash and order them from Dell? Shipping doesn't factor in here, as both Dell and Chere (as I understand) offer free shipping.

(In other news, first post! w00t!)
I bought mine last night from Dell, for 340$. Still on sale, until tomorrow. Will make a nice change (and improvement) over that HP w1907 I've been using.
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