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Default Need a new laptop... $500/13.3"

Currently after just over a year with my netbook... i realize that outside of basic stuff I can't do much with it. And screen real estate is reeaaaaaaaaal small.

Now I commute alot, and I have internet wherever I go so 13.3" is a must because anything bigger is too much of a convenience. Around $500 price range preferably.

Things I do: Light gaming (not much at all, i haven't played a PC game for over 5 months now - i haven't picked up my XBOX controller for longer... so it's evident i don't really game). LOTS and LOTS of excel work - as an economics student, AND as an environmental/conversational science student that need me to do alot of linearization work on excel while having lots of background material running.

Lots of simulation work that my netbook chugs with. Just an Atom N270 w/ 2gb ram is waaaaaay too weak, and 10.1" is way too small. 13.3" seems to hit the spot where i want it.

Saw this, how's that ?
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