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Originally Posted by BrainEater View Post

I've un-retired the's now a dedicated folder.....I've put it back onto Windows XP......

Running regular SMP , "big units" (as instructed by the install guide) , back to 4-5 kppd....I would not have thought the OS difference would be that much , but it is.

Now that cooling isnt an issue (it's in the garage), I'll be OC'ing that sucker too , we'll see where it ends up.

I had a Q9550 @ 3.6 for a while and it used to get 8-9K PPD using XP... My Q6600 @ 3.2 gets 5-6K PPD using XP as well (I'm also running 2 GTX 260's in that machine). O.C. the sucker...
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