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Default DVI to HDMI cable questions?

Key parts involved, fluid 46"/8800gts/ dvi to hdmi 25' cable(yes I understand that it doesn't carry sound)/ aux 3.5mm(from pc) to L and R rca sound wire to tv.

Originally s-video and aux 3.5 to L n R rca works fine on tv.

What I did (dvi to hdmi 25' cable), put dvi end on 8800gts then plugged hdmi into tv (tried all 3 hdmi inputs on tv) picture is great, works perfectly.

Aux 3.5mm to rca sound just won't work with the hdmi plugged in (tried other aux inputs , no sound but there is a signal coming through the wire) .

What i'm wondering is am I trying to do the impossible, does the dvi to hdmi cable force the tv to use audio over hdmi that isn't there because it's a dvi connection?

Is my only option to put a small set of pc speakers next to the tv and run them out of the pc? This pc to tv stuff is new to me.
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