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@Birk, PPCs, I posted direct link

@tianfeng, yep the shot was taken sideways

I arrived at the shop after Turkey Time, I had 2 hours to mod before I had to be at Brian's studio for photos. 1st thing, Finish the Honeycomb Modders Mesh 5.25 bay cover, then paint it Copper. Next thing was painting the 1/4" thick Copper "SHINY" plate with "aged" effect. For the 3rd open bay, I grabbed an Logysis 5.25 Bay Fan Controller. I knicked it's bezel edges and the screen with my Dremel and a cutting discs, then painted the edges Silver, for an exposed metal effect. Once everything was installed, I did final touch-ups with a paint brush. I glanced at the clock, I had 10 minutes before 7pm, and took these two pics of these mods with my phone, before leaving for Brian's studio.

More to come!
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