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My System Specs


Using Hyper-V since that's what I have on my home server, and I have a bunch of "development" servers running within it. Basically it's just my playground

Figured I'd run FAH in it as well (for the winter months), but it has the lowest priority for RAM/CPU. I'm not out to produce crazy PPD numbers or setup dedicated folding farms like some of you guys, just to provide some contribution to the team! Obviously I don't want to run it directly on the host either since that would severely impact performance.

Wonder if running a Server 2008 Core Edition would be better? It would at least integrate with Hyper-V properly, lacks a GUI (so less overhead) and I'd assume it could run FAH command-line mode. But from what I gather, folding on Windows isn't the most ideal.

It is definitely using the CPU though, as it's running at 4.2GHz. If it was truly idle (as the host OS is showing), then it would be running much slower.
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