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My System Specs

Default Folding on Hyper-V

Has anybody done it? I installed this image: Folding@Home - Native Folding Image - onto a Hyper-V VM with 4 cores, 2GB of RAM.

Underlying hardware is:
i5 2500K - 42x multiplier, but otherwise "stock" settings. That means it only runs 4.2GHz when under load.
16GB DDR3-1333

Hyper-V Manager shows 90-95% CPU usage, but on the host (via task manager) CPU usage is basically 0%. F@H logs show that it's doing work though. Apparently task manager doesn't monitor the Hyper-V service.

It would appear as though it is working:

Now, what's the most ideal settings to enter in the web config? I attached what I'm currently using, but it was just mainly guesses
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