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Originally Posted by Full Speed View Post
So I work in IT support, but I've never really used a MAC before outside of some physics labs in University. I'm starting to get more and more house calls reguarding MAC computers, and I'm also seeing a lot more job adds saying familiarity with MAC computers is a requirement.

So I'm looking to get some kind of OSX based machine to mess around with and get more familar with. I see some macbooks on ebay and such for $300-400, but they're usually 2006 models with some problems.

Is there any other cheap ways of getting anything to play around with that has OSX?
I was thinking the same thing and found this unit but it's pretty much end of life : - Recertified: Apple MacBook MB061LL/A Notebook Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz 13.3" 1GB Memory DDR2 667 80GB HDD 5400rpm DVD/CD-RW Combo Intel GMA950

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